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Research & Development

MTP has not only invested in the finest facilities and equipment, but we also employ some of the industry’s best minds in the development of innovative manufacturing methods and processes for the seal-making industry.

MTP Research & Development Lab Performance and Quality Tests:

  • Seal Life Test:
    Estimates the life-span of a seal under a customer’s normal operation conditions.
  • Wear Test:
    Tests the sealís resistance to wear under stress conditions or for periods of extended use, and measure any resulting deformations.
  • Lip Open Force Test:
    Measures the amount of force necessary to open the lip to a given size.
  • Pumping Test:
    Measures the seal’s tolerance of additional fluids or oils when assembled in a pump.
  • Function Test:
    Special test equipment that can be adjusted to a seal’s design specifications, to ensure that the seal functions properly for its intended use.
  • High RPM Test:
    Special motor that can rotate a shaft to a very high RPM to test a seal’s performance in this type of environment.
  • High Temperature Test:
    A temperature-controlled test chamber that can be heated to a specific temperature to indicate a seal’s durability and reliability in high temperature environments.
  • Low Temperature Test:
    A bath and an empty chamber that can be cooled with liquid nitrogen or gases to indicate a seal’s durability and reliability in low temperature environments.
  • Pressure Test:
    Tests a seal’s ability to maintain integrity and resist deformation under high pressure.
  • Press Fit Test:
    Ensures that all dimensional tolerances are acceptable.
  • Drag Test:
    Tests the amount of drag and fluid flow motion required for modeling the CFD.
  • Microscope:
    Enables detailed examination of seal failures and defects.
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