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MTP has not only invested in the finest facilities and equipment, but we also employ some of the industry’s best minds in the development of innr oils when assembled in a pump.

  • Function Test:
    Special test equipment that can be adjusted to a seal’s design specifications, to ensure that the seal functions properly for its intended use.
  • High RPM Test:
    Special motor that can rotate a shaft to a very high RPM to test a seal’s performance in this type of environment.
  • High Temperature Test:
    A temperature-controlled test chamber that can be heated to a specific temperature to indicate a seal’s durability and reliability in high temperature environments.
  • Low Temperature Test:
    A bath and an empty chamber that can be cooled with liquid nitrogen or gases to indicate a seal’s durability and reliability in low temperature environments.
  • Pressure Test:
    Tests a seal’s ability to maintain integrity and resist deformation under high pressure.
  • Press Fit Test:
    Ensures that all dimensional tolerances are acceptable.
  • Drag Test:
    Tests the amount of drag and fluid flow motion required for modeling the CFD.
  • Microscope:
    Enables detailed examination of seal failures and defects.
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