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Test Equipments
At MTP, our Robotics Engineers can modify test equipment to meet strict customer specifications. For precision parts that require special testing, MTP can build test equipment uniquely-suited to each customer’s manufacturing application.

MTP Test Equipments
  • Computerized Laser-guided Rulers:
    Accurately measures the dimensions of an object
  • Rheometer:
    Measures the flow properties of a material at various temperature
  • FT-IR:
    Finds chemical functional group of a material by calculating the absorbance of the sample at a particular light frequency
  • DSC:
    Measures the heat capacity of a sample
  • TGA:
    Burns the sample at incrementing temperature
  • CAD-CAM:
    Standard industry software tool for drawing an object onto the computer. The finished drawing with its appropriate dimensions can then be automatically transferred onto CNC machine to crave the mold for production.
  • CFD:
    CFD or computerized fluid dynamic uses the massive computation ability of a computer to calculate the interaction between an object and fluid. CFD is especially useful in designing a seal when special fluid pressure is applied to a face of a seal, which requires a special geometry to help relieve excess force.

The MTP Compounding Lab offers a variety of test equipment which conforms to ASTM Standards:

  • Tensile Strength Test
  • Mooney Viscometer
  • Thickness Gages
  • Rubber Deterioration by various environmental factors
  • Tension Test
  • Dynamic Fatigue
  • Surface Cracking Test
  • Effects of Fluid Test including all standard oils
  • Tear Resistance Test
  • Compression Set Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Brittleness Test
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