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MTP Patents

MTP is proud of its engineering staff that is constantly making breakthroughs in our production process. After decades of dedication, we made several milestones in our understanding of the relationship between polymer performance and polymer manufacturing process. Because the production process is equally critical as the compound formulations, our engineers have sweated perfecting the process.

Below is a partial list of MTP patents:
  • Hydraulic Molding Machine’s connecting mechanism
  • Elastomer Molding System
  • Hydraulic Vacuum molding
  • Hydraulic Vacuum Molding machine’s mold protection system
  • Elastomer Compressing Machine’s Mold Positioning System
  • FIFO Rubber Injection Machine Mechanism
  • Elastomer Hydraulic Machine’s Remolding Mechanism/System
  • Elastomer Hydraulic Machine’s Demolding Mechanism/System
  • Elastomer Extrusion Machine with Electronic Compressing Mechanism

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